Frank Niro Eggerling Damascus Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on November 26th, 2007


Another Beautiful carved folder by knife artist Frank Niro. Niro’s work is not well known, but he has a very devout band of followers that buys a lot of his knives, and they all sell. If you ever handle his work you will see why, as there are not many makers out there that will sell this quality of work for anything even close to what he asks for price-wise.

Frank Niro’s knives are distributed by Ron Lockhart, who lives quite close to me so I have the luxury of being able to visit him and hand pick the one that calls to me. Usually its more than one and I have to decide between a whole bunch of them. This one I picked out of about 10 beautiful Frank Niro peices, some with his new super slanted bolsters.. quite unique, you really have to see them.

Bolsters and blade are both heat-colored Robert Eggerling Damascus. The Bolsters are Mosaic Damascus while the blade is Multi-Bar Damascus double ground to a spearpoint. All screws are 24kt gold plated, beautifully matching the elegance of the knife.

Beautiful presentation grade black-lip mother of pearl handles are carved and fluted expertly by Frank Niro, who does a fanastic job of this on a lot of his folders. Bolsters are dove-tailed. Backspacer on this one is file-worked extensively along with the titanium liners, with black lip mother of pearl inlays on the backspacer as well.

Genuine Cognac diamonds are inlaid into the backspacer and the thumbstud, for that final touch. This knife is absolutely breathtaking to behold, and handle.

Blade Length: 2 7/8″
Overall Length: 7″
Blade Thickness: .107
Blade Steel: Eggerling Multi Bar Damascus
Bolsters: Eggerling Mosaic Damascus
Handle Material: Black Lip Mother of Pearl
Liners: Titanium

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  1. sanpapol Says:

    I’m a knife correctors and I need to know If I can see some of his works and buy them. Is it possible? Where can I see and buy?

    I live in Thailand and like his work. Also please help to tell me how to order bolster and blade of heat-colored Robert Eggerling Damascus.

    I need to buy some for my own knife.

    Thank you for your help so much.

  2. corwin99 Says:

    You can find his stuff on ebay, it is sold through his agent Ron Lockhart. You should be able to buy any of his peices through there.

  3. Frank niro Says:

    Robert Eggerling can only be reached by phone. His number is 610-682-6836 Frank Niro

  4. Frank niro Says:

    Go to to see more of my work. Frank Niro

  5. gino Says:

    hey old buddy how uyou doing quite the reputation you have going good work one of the best knife makers in north america just wanted to say hi and take care gino matrgherit

  6. Frank Niro Says:

    Hi Gino. Thanks for the compliment. It’s been a long time . Are you working in Mackenzie again? Regards. Frank

  7. Luiz Carlos Pinro Says:

    Dear friends.
    I sow some masterpieces of FRANK NIRO and I loved them. Please, how it would be possible to get in touch with him?
    Sincerelly I would like to have one of his Gentleman folding knife, with colored damascus.
    Nowadays, I just have the picture in the main page of my computer, but I`d love to have it materially.
    If you could help me, I`d be deeply thankfull.
    In my personal knife collection, can not miss a folding knife from FRANK NIRO.
    I will very happy if I could buy at lest one pieca.
    Luiz Carlos Pinto

  8. corwin99 Says:

    I am selling this Frank Niro knife in the review if you are interested.

  9. greg fittin Says:

    Just got my first Niro knife! What a beauty.

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