Microtech Lightfoot LCC Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on August 14th, 2008


Greg Lightfoot is a famous and popular Canadian Knifemaker, member of the Canadian Knifemaker’s Guild, and all ’round cool guy. He lives on a farm in Alberta, and consequently also sells his designs to a select few production knife companies, Microtech being one of them. Microtech produces the Lightfoot LCC in both manual and dual action automatic versions.

First of all, when I say Dual Action, I don’t mean that it will open and close the knife via automatic action, but rather that it can be opened with the hidden automatic release as well as manually via the thumbstud. The model under review here is the manual action model, with the black coating and plain edge.

As usual, Microtech has done an extremely fine job of crafting this knife to perfection, and it’s similarties to custom knives from Greg are astounding. I would have to say that the knife feels more custom than production, which is quite the compliment. You can snag one for around $200 on the secondary market in it’s manual configuration.

Steel on this fairly large folder is 154CM, like much of the stuff from Microtech. Bolsters are a bead blasted Titanium, with Carbon fiber used on the handles. Liners are also a bead blasted Titanium, giving it the classic tactical folder look and feel. The wide handles work well with gloves as well as bare hands as do the thumbstuds.

A very nicely designed folder from Greg Lightfoot, and perfect fit and finish from Microtech means you are getting an outstanding knife, for a reasonable price. Overall this is one of the better values out there, with custom quality materials and performance, for production knife pricing.

Blade Length: 3.60″
Overall Length: 8.27″
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Bolsters: Titanium
Liners: Titanium
Blade Steel: 154CM

9 Responses to “Microtech Lightfoot LCC Knife”

  1. don ollis Says:

    got this knife from a friend, who had edc’d it for a year, lots of scratches on the titanium bolsters. just had to touch up the edge and give it a good cleaning. i’ve carried it and have come to respect this design very much. what a solid knife. i’ve handled a few handmades, and this knife is right up there with them. it’s built like a tank, and scary sharp!

  2. Ouch! « in a glass eye Says:

    […] next knife I bought was a Microtech LCC Lightfoot. Mine was a manual version, not the automatic (switchblade) model which is illegal in most states. […]

  3. Duke Says:

    I love this knife don’t know how u figured out the dual action, but dang. I have won I dont know how much from letting people figure out how to open it automaticaly. I can not seem to find any more, from anywhere, stores, gunshows, ect… can u lead me in the right direction. I am a detective and my fellow officers love the knife and would like to buy one.

  4. corwin99 Says:

    Its really hard to find one of these now as they have been discontinued. You’ll have to try the secondary market on Blade forums and other sites…

  5. joshuaadam Says:

    I have the double action version that is “like new” with only a couple of very light marks from being in the safe for years(never carried or used). Also, have the warranty card and sheath but no box. Email me if interested in buying.

  6. jon Says:

    joshuaadam I am interested in your Microtech Lightfoot llc DA. email me at jmoore(a t) nndtech.com.

  7. joshuaadam Says:

    I still have my LCC D/A. It has been stored “open” in the safe for years that is the reason for the VERY light marks(never used or carried). It has rare dark(almost Blk bolsters) and carbon fiber with plain(not serrated) satin finish blade. Price: 425.00 plus 10.00 shipping. email me

  8. texson Says:

    I purchased a Microtech LCC manual floder second hand at a “curio shop” in Lanno TX in 2004. Since that time, it has been my constant companion. Absolutely reliable, never let me down and the edge retention is commendable and easy to retain. Last year, the spacers crapped out (virtually all at once). The knife fell completely apart after less than six years of continuous carry. The spacers are constructed of what appears to be aluminum, which are held in place by flat head titanium(probably stainless) fasteners which are hidden beneath the carbon fiber handle plates. I have tried to initiate repairs with Microtech, to no avail. I have sent one email to Lightfoot with no response.
    Microtech did offer to trade the failed blade assembly in exchange for a Strider Microtech collaboration. I looked at the specs,. The collaboration also has aluminum spacers, though very attractive, decided to pass.
    Aluminum spacers in my opinion is a design flaw, due to the softness of aluminum. The dissimilar metals cannot withstand prolonged and continuous movement without premature failure due to metal fatigue. Guess which component is going to fail? Aluminum. As such, I am turning my Microtec Lightfoot LCC manual into a Frankenstein folder with parts expected to hold up for the long haul. Does anyone know where I can get a proper sized blade stop pin? I know this is an old forum, maybe someone still has their ears on. GB-Out!

  9. corwin99 Says:

    I bet you can find Aluminum Back spacer stand offs at knifekits.com. They even have the Microtech style ones, in probably the same size. At $2.50 a pop, who cares if they crap out after 6 years! Keep ’em sharp!

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