Microtech Ultratech 7 OTF Automatic Knife Revew

Reviewed by corwin99 on January 27th, 2012

Microtech’s popular Ultratech 7 small Dual Action OTF knife is finally reviewed here. I posted a video review of the UT7 on youtube a while back, and have also embedded it at the end of this review for your reference. This is a post Vero Beach period Microtech, and is from the 2006 period, during which production took place in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The Ultratech is a smallish dual action OTF from Microtech, with a 3.5″ blade. Due to its low profile and dual action mechanism, the means the blade has to be pretty narrow in order to fit within the handle. To me the knife feels pretty small and probably isn’t up to most hard use tasks, though most reports say that the Microtech Dual Action OTFs hold up quite decently.

The 3.5″ blade is 154CM, made in the USA. Satin is the finish, and dagger shape is the profile. This blade is completely sterile, and was not sharpened very well from the factory. After the move from Vero Beach, Microtech’s QC took a minor dip. Given that they company is now manufacturing firearms, I would say that’s probably not a good thing! Overall, however, this is still a very nice piece of steel. Keep in mind while I say that Microtech’s quality is not as good as before, they still make an exceptional knife that is worth owning and using. I just really like their Vero Beach stuff.

At any rate, the double edged blade is stylish and probably good for thrusting, but in generally, the shape of the blade in conjuntion with the handle just doesn’t make it a very utilitarian design. These UT7’s are more for show than they are for utility. The straight blade does lend itself to be a good letter and package opener, however, which is what I probably use these kinds of knives for more than anything else. It does have a nice “blood groove” and some drilled holes for style and which also lighten the blade.

Hard Anodized Machined Aluminum handles, with three pin screws requiring a special Microtech driver to disassemble. The Talon logo is featured on the handle, and the pocket clip has the birth date. Unlike the Scarab and Makora from this era of Microtech knives, the Ultratech 7 does not have the grip tape inserts that give the knife better retention and purchase, which can be very useful when hands are when or when under duress in a self defense type of situation. On the other hand, many people find the grip tape ugly.. I kind of like them!

Fit & Finish
Very good fit and finish on this little Microtech, especially given what kind of prices they go for online these days. I think they are some of the better values in OTF’s when it comes to picking them up used. While they are far from my favourite dual action OTF out on the market, they are definately the best value, and for that, it gets some points. Quality is still , but I would have preferred a few more features.. but from a fit and finish standpoint, very well executed.

Overall, its an outstanding value at the $175ish they typically fetch on the secondary market. The dual action mechanism is the same as most Microtech D/A OTFs I’ve fired, a bit on the stiff side, but not too bad. This is necessary since you are also charging a spring while you are firing the blade. The machining quality is excellent, as is with all Microtechs, even later models. Really happy with the UT7, and it will have to tide me over while I save up for a Masterpiece!

Blade Lenght: 3.45″
Blade Steel:154CM
Handle: Black Anodized Mil-Spec Aluminum Frame
Closed: 4.6″

Video Review:

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