Spyderco Police Stainless Steel Folder C07

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 10th, 2014


Here’s a classic that continues to be a fantastic EDC, and becomes an even better value nowadays as its price has come down in recent years. While it hasn’t been updated much and quite obviously feels somewhat dated in design, it is still a very effective tactical blade even though its been discontinued for 7 years.

This is one of the later generation 2 models, which features the VG-10 steel blade, but still has the old school stainless steel stabs, which are more solid than the generation 3 G-10 versions which also have a full flat grind instead of a hollow grind. The blade is 4 1/8″ long, but the knife is very sleek and slides unnoticed into a pocket very easily. The blade has a swedge grind at the top, creating a very fine piercing point. It is a fully serrated version, which is a bit more useful for Rescue situations if you want to cut through seatbelts, etc.

The “POLICE” word on the blade is a bit corny though.

The Spyderco Police has an extremely thin handle, like most of the stainless steel Spyderco lockback models which have mostly been discontinued now. The handle is quite long at 5 5/16″ long, but fits well in smaller hands due to the thinner profile. One drawback of the stainless steel handles is that they are very slippery, especially when wet. If you don’t mind modding your knives though, you can file or jimp the stainless steel handle to create more purchase. Even bead blasting it would help a little bit.

Fit and Finish
Standard Spyderco Fit and Finish for the time period, which is very good. They blade does rub against the handle slabs a bit, but it is a tight fit, and there is some play when the lock is not engaged, but it is solid one open fully. The lock is very strong and it instills confidence when in use. The 4 1/8″ blade is very nicely finished, as all the Japanese Spydies are as well. The satin finish is nicely done and quite attractive, especially with the swedge on the tip.

Overall its a fabulous blade that probably doesn’t get the recognition that it used to. It has been overtaken by the Spyderco Military as Spyderco’s most popular large main production folder it seems. The Military has a liner lock, as well as more ergonomic handles which seem to resonate better with buyers. However, the stainless police just has an awesome old school vibe and tons of usability that sometimes I reach for it instead!

Blade Length: 4 1/8?
Closed Length: 5 5/16?
Overall Length: 9 1/2?
Weight: 5.6oz
Blade Steel: VG-10
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Years Produced: 1991-2008

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